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Why is iOS 17 killing my battery?
Enable Low Power Mode.

Your iPhone lets you know when your battery level goes down to 20%, and again at 10%, and lets you turn on Low Power Mode with one tap. Or you can enable it by going to Settings > Battery. Low Power Mode reduces display brightness, optimizes device performance, and minimizes system animations.That's why you're seeing battery drains. The first days after you have updated your device. So if we take a look at this response by Apple right here Apple says that it is normal for your apps.However, YouTube channel iAppleBytes tested iOS 16.4's battery drain on six phones: iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13. It concluded that the battery life on the latest update is "the worst" it has seen since iOS 15.7, adding that all the devices showed poor results.

How to make iOS 17 faster : How to Boost Your iPhone's Performance with iOS 17 — A Practical Guide

  1. Update your apps and delete the ones you don't use.
  2. Clear your cache and storage space.
  3. Turn off background app refresh and location services.
  4. Reduce motion and transparency effects.
  5. Reset your network settings and restart your iPhone.

Is iOS 17 good

Verdict: The Best iPhone Operating System Yet

Upon its release, Apple iOS 17 offered excellent improvements to compatible iPhones, and the operating system has only improved with each subsequent update.

Should I switch to iOS 17 : Updated security and privacy.

Bottom line: If your phone is compatible, you should almost certainly update to iOS 17. There's very little downside, and you get a lot.

iOS 17 has, much like earlier releases, been plagued by random bugs and issues, from overheating and bad battery life to cellular issues and data transfer bugs.

Does iOS 17 Drain Battery According to iOS 17 review, many users complain battery drain after iOS 17 update. If you've recently updated to the iOS 17 version, you may have noticed a significant decrease in battery life.

Should I install iOS 16.4 1A

The iOS 16.4. 1 (a) update doesn't bring new features to your iPhone, but it does fix some security issues. Rapid Security Response updates are a new type of device update Apple introduced alongside iOS 16.2 in December.This update provides important bug fixes and security updates and is recommended for all users.Compared to the iOS 16 upgrade, it is far superior in terms of stability, customization, collaboration, and dependability. With the most recent iOS upgrade, your iPhone's Phone App, Safari, FaceTime, Messages, and many other features have been improved, which will completely change the way you use your phone.

In iOS 17, though, Haptic Touch response speed – if set to Fast in Settings – more closely resembles the superior speed of an old 3D Touch soft press, which makes the experience of navigating Apple's best iPhones far more efficient.

Is iOS 16 or 17 better : Overall, customization in iOS 17 has improved this year, though there are still a few shortcomings we would like to see addressed. For instance, the unique multilayered Lock Screen photo effect introduced in iOS 16 is still finicky, and doesn't work with as many photos as we would like.

Is iOS 17 safe : iOS 17 Is Always Going To Be More Secure Than iOS 16

The important thing here is the small print: Apple provides some security fixes to iOS 16 users for a period of time, but not all of them.

Is the iOS 17 update good or bad

This update provides important bug fixes and security updates and is recommended for all users.

Some users have reported problems with their phone freezing or crashing. Others have reported issues with Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, there have been reports of apps crashing or not working properly. Apple has acknowledged these issues and has released several updates to address them.Bottom line: If your phone is compatible, you should almost certainly update to iOS 17. There's very little downside, and you get a lot.

What does 16.4 1 a do : Apple has released iOS 16.4. 1 (a)—a first-of-its-kind security update that you need to apply to your iPhone now. That's because iOS 16.4. 1 (a) is a security-only upgrade containing important fixes for serious iPhone vulnerabilities.