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Who gets iOS 17?
iPhone User Guide

  • iPhone models compatible with iOS 17.
  • iPhone XR.
  • iPhone XS.
  • iPhone XS Max.
  • iPhone 11.
  • iPhone 11 Pro.
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)

iOS 17 is the newest version of iOS, the operating system that is designed to run on the iPhone. Previewed in June, iOS 17 is available now on the iPhone XR/XS and later.The iPhone 7 doesn't support iOS 17. You will need an iPhone XR or later.

Why is my iOS 17 not showing up : Usually, users cannot see the new update because their phone isn't connected to the internet. But if your network is connected and still iOS 17 update is not showing or update stops halfway, you might just have to refresh or reset your network connection.

Is iOS 18 available

iOS 18 Launch Date

After WWDC, iOS 18 will be made available to developers for testing purposes, with a public beta likely to come out sometime in July. Following the beta testing period, iOS 18 will see a launch in September 2024 alongside new iPhones.

When can I get iOS 17 : iOS 17 Release Date

It's been available for public use since September 18, 2023. iOS 17 will install automatically if your phone is compatible (there's a list below), or you can check for iOS updates manually via Settings > General > Software Update.

Firstly, make sure you're on Wi-Fi rather than a cellular connection. Another simple fix is simply rebooting your iPhone (hold the side button plus either the volume up or down button simultaneously). But the most common issue preventing iOS 17 from downloading and installing is a lack of available storage space.

iPhones compatible with the iOS 17 update:

There are over 24 different iPhone models that are compatible with the iOS 17 update, starting with the iPhone Xs/Xr.

Will XS get iOS 18

Likewise with a more recent leak, which names the iPhone XS and iPhone XR as the oldest iOS 18-compatible models. If true, that would mean the same phones that can run iOS 17 will be able to upgrade to iOS 18.If you have an older iPhone or an iPad, you might want to follow these steps to ensure a smooth iOS 17 or iPadOS 17 installation process. As these updates are over 6 GB in size, make sure that your Apple device has at least 20 GB of free internal storage before initialising the update process.iOS 17 was released on September 18, 2023, which made a lot of people try it out. It is quite fun to have an early access to all the new features on your iPhone. Before starting iOS 17 installation, you should have an idea of how long it takes.

The iPhone X is not compatible with iOS 17. iOS 17 requires a Xs, Xr, or newer.

Will XR get iOS 19 : iOS 19 Supported Devices

If that pattern holds, when iOS 19 is released in 2025, it should support models from as far back as 2020. That means it would likely support the iPhone 12 series and newer, but would drop support for the iPhone XS/XR series and iPhone 11 series.

Is it worth installing iOS 17 : Updated security and privacy.

Bottom line: If your phone is compatible, you should almost certainly update to iOS 17. There's very little downside, and you get a lot.

Should I upgrade to iOS 17

This update provides important bug fixes and security updates and is recommended for all users.

Likewise with a more recent leak, which names the iPhone XS and iPhone XR as the oldest iOS 18-compatible models.So conclusion is the iPhone 10r worth it in 2024 well yes it is a very good deal I mean it has a perfect premium apple design it is very well optimized it still has a very decent processor very good

Is iOS 17 smoother than iOS 16 : Compared to the iOS 16 upgrade, it is far superior in terms of stability, customization, collaboration, and dependability. With the most recent iOS upgrade, your iPhone's Phone App, Safari, FaceTime, Messages, and many other features have been improved, which will completely change the way you use your phone.